Thursday, 17 May 2012

Sleek Pout Polish

Hi everyone! Hope it's been a great week so far. :) 

I've been AWOL for a few days but it's with good reason! I've had my nose buried in a good book & pretty much halted everything else until I read the last page. ^_^*

A while back I posted about the Lakme Lip Love Conditioner (click here for the post!) & how much I loved it. Alas, I'd thought I'd never find them again, until now... Sleek you've come to my rescue! 

Sleek Pout Polish is a nifty little pot of tinted lip balm that does a great job in moisturising lips. This particular colour is called 'Electro Peach' & bears a close resemblance to my Lakme Lip Love Conditioner in 'Siren'. The good thing about this balm is that it is nicely pigmented - lighter than a lipstick but more pigmented than your average lip balm. 

The ingredients list a few parabens which might deter some people. It does have super moisturising & lip smoothing ingredients like jojoba oil, shea butter, sweet almond oil & avocado oil. It has SPF 15 which is a must & smells yummy, like vanilla.

My Verdict:
Would I re-purchase? Well, it's a really good balm, something that I would use daily. It's pretty cheap too, so why not!

My Rating:


ZAR 60 @ Foschini

Lakme Lip Love Conditioner VS Sleek Pout Polish

Ah, so on to the crux of the matter - which is better, Lip Love Conditioner or Pout Polish? I had originally purchased the Pout Polish because it was so similar in colour & texture to the Lip Love Conditioner & I was hoping it would be a good replacement. 

Ok, so my camera DID NOT capture how similar these colours are, it looks completely off in this picture, so I've included some swatches to compare.

The Sleek Pout Polish has more of an orange pigment compared to the Lakme Lip Love Conditioner, which has a pinker undertone. Consistency-wise, The Pout Polish is much lighter & sheer, needing much more product to get  better colour. The Lip Love Conditioner, on the other hand is more opaque which ensures a more pigmented lip. Both smell of vanilla (coincidence?) and both have good moisturising properties.

BUT... I do like the Lip Love Conditioner more because it's a better product over all, & comes in a cute pot!!  ^_^*

  Miss. Q♥

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  1. great review. love the color and it's cheap, so i'd totally get it. enjoyed your blog, and i just followed on google and bloglovin. i'd be honored if we connected on both. :) have a great day!


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