Saturday, 28 April 2012

Lakme Lip L♥ve Conditioner

I didn't really intend on purchasing a lip conditioner, but the sales assistant at the Lakme counter was pretty persistent on showing me every single product in the Lakme range. There's only so many times that I can say 'NO' to a sales assistant before feeling guilty, so, being the lip gloss addict that I am, I relented and bought this:

Lakme Lip Lve Conditioner in 'Siren'.

Sadly, even though I peeled off the hygiene seal extra gently the metallic paint on the lid came off. :( Boo hoo.

It's a lovely, peachy, coral colour and comes in a super cute, heart-filled pot! 
When I first applied Lakme Lip Lve Conditioner... it was LVE! It glides on smoothly, like butter & has a yummy vanilla scent!

One coat of Lakme Lip Love Conditioner...

One coat of this lip conditioner gives a pretty & flushed coral lip colour. It can be layered on for a better colour, but beware! Too much & your teeth will be nicely glossed too. ^_^

Layer on more for a richer colour

The Lip Lve Conditioner is really moisturising & doesn't have a greasy or sticky feeling. It makes my lips feel baby soft & has a pretty colour- what more could I ask for? 

In addition to 'Siren' there's 3 more colours available: 'Hottie', 'Charmer' & 'Flirt'.

Why, oh, why did I not buy all 4 colours!????? I haven't been able to find these lip conditioners in South Africa yet. Ah, I should have listened to that sales assistant when she insisted advised me to take all...

My verdict?
Lakme Lip Lve Conditioners are ridiculously cheap, smell great, are sooooo cute, have pretty colours & deeply moisturises. It's an irresistible combination, I tell you! Thumbs up, for me!

My Rating:
Minus 1 star because it's not easily available.

I can't remember the price! It must have been something like Rs. 230 (approx. ZAR 34!!!!). Mind you, if you live in SA & do manage to find these lip conditioners, expect the price to be 3 times higher.

That's it for now... Thanks for stopping by! :)

Miss. Q


  1. Pretty colour! And the heart shape is sooo cute!



  2. Yes it is! Too bad it's hard to find them... >_<

  3. This looks like a really good product,i might buy some.
    hannah xox

  4. This looks like a really good product,i might buy some.
    hannah xox


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