Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Forever New Northern Lights Collection... Just in time for winter!

"Forever New, I will forever hold a special place for you in my heart..."

Ever since I laid my eyes on the Forever New boutique, it's been love at first sight! It's this divine mix of sweet, girly & sophisticated- classic and timeless, yet chic and trendy. 

My kinda store! :)

The Northern Lights Collection is whimsical, with soft faux fur jackets, floaty dresses and knitted tops in dusty pink & creamy neutral colours... with just the right amount of sparkle to combat the winter blues!

Source: www.forevernew.com.au

Hmm... I think this cream faux fur coat would look good in my wardrobe!

Source: www.forevernew.com.au

Warm knits with a dusting of sparkle... that's a fur headband on her head! 

Source: www.forevernew.com.au

I want this jacket and gloves... so chic!

Source: www.forevernew.com.au

A dusty pink cable knit sweater & maxi skirt combo perfectly accessorised with a skinny belt, peep toe booties & a glam cocktail ring.

Source: www.forevernew.com.au
Source: www.forevernew.com.au
Source: www.forevernew.com.au

Notice the little bows on the model's oh-so-cute heels? I'm obsessed with bows! :))

And to top of the collect, why a slinky draped cocktail dress, of course!

Source: www.forevernew.com.au

I'd say this collection is inspired by the North Pole? Not in the Christmas-y Santa Klaus way, more like a dreamy Winter Wonderland... Or fashionably dressed Czarina's! *sigh* The only problem would be actually deciding on what to buy. Probably the coats and jackets - too irresistible. Now all I need is a limitless bank balance... 

Forever New, you're doing it right. Me likey!! =^w^=

Just a little background info on Forever New...
The first Forever New boutique was launched in Melbourne, Australia in 2006 by a former South African fashion buyer and her hubby. Wait a minute- it began in Australia? Australia???????  YES! AUSTRALIA! 

Forever New takes inspiration from film, art, theatre, music and haute couture catwalk shows... in London, New York, Milan & Paris no less!

There are currently Forever New boutiques in many cities in Australia, South Africa, India, New Zealand, Singapore, China & Turkey. But the brand is quickly expanding!

Thanks for reading!!
♥ Miss. Q

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