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Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream No. 23

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This post has been a looong time coming. I just wanted to really test this product out coz well, they say you should use a product for 2 months in order for it to work. Sometimes a product can seem nice at first, but 2 weeks down the line - lo and behold, your skin's a walking nightmare! 

Anywho, BB Creams are THE hottest thing right now & supposed to be a miracle wonder cream. If you still don't know what BB Creams are, then stop hiding under a rock & read about them here. :")

I decided to try out the real-Korean-deal first & ordered a tube on Ebay.

I had ordered Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in No. 23 or Natural Beige in a 20ml tube. Because it's half the size of the full sized product, it does not have a pump.
I did contemplate buying the 40 ml tube, but opted for the 20 ml to try it first before committing to a full sized product. After a month of testing, I've finally reached a conclusion on this one: it's nice.

Not brilliant. Not OH-MY-GAWD-WHERE-HAVE-YOU-BEEN-ALL-MY-LIFE! Not Earth-shatteringly, heart-stoppingly, stop-what-you're-doing-and-stare amazing.


It is just nice. 

Ok, so to be fair I've only tested ONE BB cream out of hundreds of brands, but I was kinda expecting... more. What more is exactly, I don't know, but you know when products are so hyped about, you tend to expect miracles of biblical proportions. Or at least I do!

Anyways, this NICE product is supposed to have a multitude of functions:
♥ lightening (I'm assuming blemish scars here)
♥ healing skin
♥ healing wrinkles
♥ healing blemishes
♥ concealing & covering skin
♥ preventing ageing
♥ whitening
♥ moisturising
♥ SPF 

Some of these functions do seem redundant, no? Well, it did heal my skin somewhat & made my skin feel really smooth & soft- very nice indeed! I did notice less blemishes (although this could be attributed to the recent change of season). It's not the most effective moisturiser & I'm not too sure about the anti-ageing & anti-wrinkle function. I'll tell you in 20 years time. :)

It provided light coverage and, though not concealing scars totally, it did blur them, like someone went to town on my face with an airbrush. It works best on thoroughly cleansed and exfoliated skin- if it isn't then this BB cream does not blend well.
 Without BB cream:
Ugh! My skin is a sad mess I tell you!

With BB cream:   

 Marks are still visible, but not so bad!

Missha Perfect Cover BB cream makes my skin feel super soft, smooth & plumped up. I have noticed that my skin looks brighter these days. New blemish scars seem to heal much quicker too which is great! The SPF is a whopping 42 & it's PA+++  which is the highest UVA protection found in Asian skin care. 

The good thing about this BB cream is that it is not oily! I've found that it goes on matte without looking dry, which works wonders for oily-skinned gals like me. Of course, it is a tad drying which may look too mask-like so I'd recommended that you use a light moisturiser, which makes application of the BB cream smoother and easier to blend in.

The little 20 ml tube lasts for ages. I've been using it obsessively for a month & the tube still feels quite full. The scent it pretty, like a baby lotion.  

The biggest Pro for me? It did not cause me to break out!!!!! Oh joy!!!

The colour is completely off- it would work for girls who have skin with a pink under tone as the No. 23 is heavily pinkish. Unfortunately, it makes my skin look ghastly & grey for a while, but settles into my skin after about 30mins, which means I have to lurk around my house for 30 mins and then leave. Of course, using regular foundation over the BB cream negates the grayish look BUT this combo makes my skin more oily.

On hot, humid days, this BB cream literally slides off my skin, making it look patchy & can only be rectified with a dusting of powder. It also easily transfers off your face and onto any other surface which is not so nice. But the again, the humid Durban weather plus my ghastly oily skin makes all products slide off my face. Gah!

Oddly enough, when I first tried this BB cream, it made my skin feel itchy in  very odd way, almost like an allergic reaction. I refused to give in, however, and continued to use it. I didn't break out or anything, just had a mild itch. Eventually, I used a moisturiser underneath and it stopped!!  

How to Apply:
Ah, now here is where I had trouble. I applied Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream the same way that foundation is applied- by rubbing in with fingers & using the same amount of product as with foundations. Big, BIG NO-NO! It will only result in a white mask-like face. There's a reason why Korean gals PAT all their product onto their face- gently patting the BB cream onto skin is the correct method. The BB cream blends better & looks more natural. Also, only a pea-sized amount of cream is needed. 

My Verdict:
The biggest deterrent is the colour - I need something with more yellow in it, so perhaps I'll try No.27 next. It's not a bad product, it does work as long as you get the right colour! Would I purchase again? Yes, just a different colour.

My Rating:

USD 5.40 @ Ebay

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  1. I have tried the Missha and think it's ok. But since I have oily skin, find it a bit greasy in the summer. I have then switched to Super 79 BB cream in hot pink. Love it much better. Better coverage and doesn't make my skin feel greasy in the hot summer days.

    1. I haven't tried Missha BB cream in summer. Skin79 seems better for oily skin

  2. I wanted to try this one out but ill give it a miss thanks for the great review!

  3. I use this, I always have to set it in powder before going out otherwise my skin looks and feels greasy.

    1. Seems like lotsa people suffer from greasy skin syndrome with this BB cream!

  4. This is a really nice post. I like how you did the before and after pictures. Quite a lot of details as well. Thanks!

    New follower from Blog hop!




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