Thursday, 29 March 2012

Horse shampoo?! You gotta be kidding me..

 Yup, you guessed it! My very first review of a beauty product will be... horse shampoo. One day, while moaning about my hair falling in clumps when washing it, my friend suggested using horse shampoo. Our conversation went a little like this:

Me: My hair is falling so bad. I think I'm going bald!

Friend: Me too! Should we try horse shampoo? I heard it works!

Me: Horse shampoo? What? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? Who would do that? WHY!?

Friend: My hairdresser sells it, and she wouldn't sell me something dangerous. C'mon, lots of people have tried it! Apparently it really works. Your hair wont fall out when you wash it.

Me: Hmm... well ok, I guess it's worth a try.

And so, my curiosity got the better of me and I decided to give it a go. Of course, using horse shampoo is not a new concept- women have been experimenting with horse shampoo for quite some time now (apparently all my friends have tried it!) but for those of you who haven't, here's my hair-raising experience...

Now, keep in mind that if you are brave enough to try equine hair care, it is unlikely you'll find horse shampoo in a high end salon so you may have to search around for a stockist. 

For some odd reason, I had imagined that horse shampoo would have pink, candy floss packaging like something straight out of "My Little Pony". Sadly, these two bottles are really drab and ugly - this particular brand of horse shampoo is called "Equine" and comes in a 1 litre shampoo and 1 litre conditioner. I paid ZAR 140, 00 for both.

Notice the broken cap on the conditioner?

The shampoo is a maple coloured liquid that has a generic shampoo scent which is quite pleasant (not at all like the barnyard scent I had anticipated!) and creates a thick foam once lathered into the hair. In my experience, only one lather is enough with the shampoo. However, once rinsed out, the hair is left feeling dry, coarse and stripped of natural oils which is never a good thing

The conditioner is similar in scent and is a thick, gloopy consistency with an odd peachy/orangey colour. It manages to give the hair some moisture and softness, but not nearly enough to combat the effects of the shampoo. Since there are no instructions for use, I massaged it into my hair and immediately rinsed it off.

What's my verdict?

Overall, I noticed a slight improvement in terms of hair loss- the drain did not clog up as usual, and there was less hair floating about while blow-drying my hair. Also, my hair appeared to have a little volume and bounce. I did notice, however, that my hair was very dry, coarse and lacking in moisture. I was too afraid to use my GHD as my hair was too dry!

So, would I use this product again?

Most likely not! There are no instructions, manufacturer details or ingredients list on the bottles which is a big no-no. Using products that do not have the ingredients listed is risky and unsafe. Also, horse shampoo is intended for HORSES NOT HUMANS! Using horse shampoo may cause serious side effects or adverse reactions. I've heard of horse shampoo made especially for humans which may be a safer option, but its best to avoid the type made for horses. If you would still like to try it out, there are many brands out there, just thoroughly research the product you intend on purchasing.

While it was uh.. interesting to try out equine hair care products, that's one road I won't canter down any time soon... perhaps I should stick to my good 'ol human shampoo and conditioner and leave the horsey hair care to the horses!

Hope you found it interesting! ^_^*

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**Remember, using horse shampoo is not a quick fix or a cure. If you are experiencing hair-loss, you may have some underlying medical condition and it is best that you consult your doctor ASAP.

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